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What is the Innocence March?

On September 30th, 2018, Justin Brooks, Director of the California Innocence Project, will embark on a 100 mile march for innocence! Justin’s walk will begin with a kick-off rally on UC Berkeley’s campus at 5 p.m.  Over seven days, he will walk 100 miles to the State Capital in Sacramento.  At noon on October 7th Justin will complete his 100th mile, ending on the steps of the Capital – demanding Governor Jerry Brown to Free The CA 12!  To date, five of the CA 12 have been released, however Justin will not give up until the remaining seven receive the freedom they deserve.


Who Are the CA 12?

The California 12 are CIP clients with strong evidence of innocence. Nevertheless, these individuals remain incarcerated due to failures within our justice system. Each of these cases varies with regard to the crimes, sentences, and facts surrounding their stories. We encourage you to read each of the CA12’s cases and learn about how our criminal justice system has failed them and us.

When on social media, look for and use the hashtags: #FreeTheCA12 #FreeCA12

How Can You Help?

1.  Like and share #InnocenceMarch social media posts.  Help spread the word!

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2. Donate to the California Innocence Project.

3. Go to our store to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, and wristbands.

4.  Go to the Governor’s contact page and send him an email encouraging him to grant clemency for the CA 12.  We’ve posted sample language here.